Welcome Back

The bar was dark and filled with the sound of chatter and clinking glasses. The year was 1995.  Five years earlier the Berlin Wall had fallen down and stayed down.  The air radiated with an electricity only a successful revolution can spark.  A haze of smoke lingered over a table, the occupants of which were in a heated discussion.  An idea was in the fire.  It was soon to be born.

That was seventeen years and many issues of The Prague Revue ago.  After a four year hiatus, Prague’s original and longest-running journal of international literature is back.

First, a little bit about the website.  The space you clicked on will display our feature story.  This will change from time to time and highlight anything from fiction and poetry to essays and interviews. This is what we’re talking about at TPR and this is what we’d like to share with you.

Moving down the webpage you see the TPR Reads and TPR Stream sections.  The stream is where we present only the finest in fiction, poetry, and everything else.  If you can read it and we think it meets the standard of quality we’ve set here for the past seventeen years, you’ll find it here.  We’ll publish original pieces here in addition to presenting some of our favorite pieces from days’ past.  TPR Reads currently features our TPR History Series, where we highlight different works from each past issue of The Prague Revue. It’s a way to celebrate our history and thank some of the authors who allow such a publication to exist.  They’re really great stories by really great writers.  You should read them.  There will be more of TPR’s best in the coming days.

The TPR Stream will spotlight different stories around the web.  These can be hard news stories or videos.  It’s a news stream based around books and everything that encompasses.  This will be a moveable feast all over the internet and we plan on leaving teeth marks in plenty of places. These are stories that might be serious…or they might not.  It’s really whatever catches our fancy as we rumble our way across the digital landscape.

We aimed to create a website you can visit daily.  You’ll find new content regularly and can peruse the world of books on the bosses’ dime. We know that you should be working or studying or doing anything else other than surfing the internet right now, but that’s what you’re doing anyways. Read it while the significant other is watching that movie you’ve already seen.  Read it for the story that makes you think today.  Or just read it to have a laugh.  That’s what the website is all about.

But the website is not the only thing happening at TPR.

We will publish across all media including print.  Print is under a bit of an assault these days whether it be newspapers, magazines, or books.  Despite sentimental yearnings toward the opposite, perhaps it’s for the best.  There are only so many trees in the world yet mankind has so many more words to write.  Of course there will always be some form of print, even if it’s just presented the way vinyl mostly is now–as a collector’s item–but there will be the day that print goes the way of dodo birds and the dial-up modem.

That day is not yet here, however, and we here at TPR are made from sentimental stuffs.  As technology moves and the world moves with it, we feel it important to state TPR’s deep commitment to print publishing.  In the coming fall, we will unveil our TPR Readers’ Series.  The series will consist of a collection of small printings featuring the absolute finest in literature in the Czech Republic and beyond.

We are currently accepting submissions for both online and print editions of TPR.  If you have any questions please view our submissions guideline or e-mail us.  We will be happy to sort out any questions you have.

We welcome you to the website and thank you for your patronage.  Come back and see us tomorrow.  After all, Prague is beautiful and the beer is cheap.





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